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Setsubun Demon Invasion


■ game flow-------------------------------------------------- ----------------· Sow beans demon.· The resulting using the item we will strengthen the attack power and throw things.- Enough to beans sown force is if it is strengthened, what you throw, you can strengthen.the kind of thing that you throw is not just beans!TV and refrigerator, I would have been throwing anything and everything what is in the house!Ultimate, please make sure ... in their eyes!
■ Recommended point-------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Feel free to enjoy killing time Clicker gameBeans Maki force is beyond the seconds 10 billionIt will change what you throw more and more by the · LV-up-Demon and rapidly change the appearance of demons while you are fighting.

■ Story-------------------------------------------------- ----------------Setsubun day, demons attack the home! To stay demon, with a lot of throwing the beans and things, and follow the demon return!
■ to recommend this game to the People! ~-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
-Click game loversPeople who want to enjoy the traditional end of winter -· SNS and people looking for a friend and Moriagareru story on Twitter- People who want to enjoy the game a little free time
The use of musicDOVA - SYNDROME